Thursday, September 3, 2009

R.I.T. -- College

The first expression that I had when I entered the College Campus was "OH-SOME". To see such a huge place that ceases to cease is like a once in a life time thing. I worked at Infosys and thought it was so great, so big, so clean but then RIT is far too huge and neater than I expected any place to be. God! Here no one wants to thrown things around, it looks so spic and span and you feel ashamed to drop even a piece of paper. I had the campus tour which lasted more than half an hour--in a car!! But I still didn't get to see the entire thing from inside.

Surprisingly, I looked around in the international orientation program and it was less of "International" it was more of "Indian-National". I was honestly put off by it. I mean I have seen these people all my life and I cross thousands of miles to find them again? (Population Explosion at its Best) But then its OK to have those around you who understand your lingo ;) After the lectures in American-Accent-English we had the fun part. Two consecutive evenings of free Pizza, Coke and Music & Dance. I thought of letting my hair down but then I could not do it...alas, the sounds of music were -- Kambakht Ishq, Singh is King, etc!!

The part where I meet my future classmates is next........


  1. "there is an indian in every corner of the world" changes to "there are hundreds of indians in every corner of the world"
    and i love it...............

  2. Sometimes what you try to run away from -- chases u down till ur death bed!! lol

    i hope there is a lot to explore within the campus --- congratulations on ur big leap!!!

  3. tellme bout it..i feelam boarding some mumnai local every morning and evening wen i go to college :)

  4. all the best pallav..keep exploring... keep writing.. we will get to know wats happening at ur end :)...