Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ithaca - City

A place is defined not by its geographical boundaries but by the people it has.....

Ithaca is the first city in the US that I explored and I don't know why but I fell in love with this place. A big factor could be the friends I made there and the time I (still) spend there. A city full of life, a downtown that lives upto its name, a live band playing every evening, great places to eat out and a Cornell University Campus to make you smile. The entire city is more picturesque than the postcards we see. The more than 200 water falls, the vibrant and colorful shops, the happy-go-lucky mood of people, the bus loaded with beautiful girls and the happening malls (I guess this city is the miniature of what a big city like New York City would be like minus all the pollution and traffic!!).

A major credit for me loving this place goes to all those whom I met the day I landed in US. All of them being helpful and eager to show me around. I was just mesmerized by the beauty of the 'cute' houses and dried leaves on roads, looked like a picture taken from one of the 'Beautiful Places' magazines. Some times I just wish I had my college in Ithaca......But when I explore more of Rochester I might be able to say the same for it as well and be happy about being in Rochester.

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