Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day - First Show!

The house full board was put up even before the movie (lecture) started. Some faces known and some new, but a great culture mix and Indian remixes (NRIs). Its sharp 12 noon and in comes the HERO (read Professor) in the usual American attire -- Khakis and Half Shirt. The titles start... Movie name "Accounting for Decision Makers", Produced by "R.I.T" and introducing "Prof. Karim". Don't try to make a guess..he is from Bangladesh!! Can you believe it? I guess the least number of Asians reside in ASIA. After the customary light moments start the introductions and only a handful of us have had no Business background, rest of them have been working in banks since ages. God! I mean when they have already done it all why come here??

Just as the lecture began, the answers and questions were shot back and forth like Federer v/s Nadal. None ready to give up on their train of thought. Some balls (read technical words) flew way over my head and I didn't have the time to see them fly because the next salvo was already on its way. Where did the first 1 and half hour go by I can not know till now. The next 1.5 hours were like walking on a tight rope. Trying to grab every piece of information and not losing my balance of sanity. Phew!! It was tough and when the class ended we were left with new words in our MBA dictionary plus a great number of assignments to do and a greater amount to be spent on buying the book.......

This is just the start......I guess life's gonna get a lot more exciting in the coming days, so keep reading.......and thanks everyone for your support :)

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