Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life in U.S.A

"Life is never ever the way we have planned...but then its not as bad as we think it is!"

Landing in a new country and armed with nothing but some foreign currency and the theoretical knowledge is not as easy. I needed to adapt and accept the new customs and rules as fast as possible. I tried my best and the initial phase of home sickness was cut short by the magnanimity of the things I saw. My eyes were lit up by the sights of the big city, the long huge clean roads, the cleanliness and the utter courtesy of the people here.

I was in a state of constant awe and I could lose myself just watching things around me. It was not just different but beautiful in its own way. It's somewhat like living your dream, though the dream of making big in life still remains the main concern. There is so much to explore so much to achive so many heights to reach...the list just goes on and on.......

The college stuff is next...so just keep watching.....


  1. aha..nice one..will follow ur journey in US...keep coming with more.

  2. very well worded...seems to come straight frm ur heart..

  3. cool re............hoping to see US through ur eyes........am sure it will be very descriptive........am gonna enjoy it for sure......

  4. wow.. ur description is so vivid.. it makes the whole scene come alive.. right in front of my eyes... will be waiting for ur other posts...

  5. Change is always pleasant and welcome with open arms!!!

    m already getting eager to read ur blog on India -- wen u return to India.......

    the interesting part is -- you might not appreciate/criticize sthg in US coz of its originality -- but it would just come out on the basis of very obvious comparison with India... give it a thought.