Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Finally I visited a place I had always wanted to,; and Oh My Good God! It lives up to its name, every single syllable of it. N-I-A-G-R-A F-A-L-L-S. The excitement was built up in the 1.5 hour journey and the sight of it from far away just beat the hell out of me. The smaller version is at the American side while the main falls is on the Canadian side. The ferry boat called 'Maid of the Mist', takes you around the entire falls. The boat went near the Bride's Veil (American side) and it was just AWESOME. It is so picturesque and so wonderful that even being in raincoats you want to jump out of it and watch it closer. Slowly the boat nears the main falls and the water "fall" starts hitting you, literally every drop of the ice cold water from Lake Ontario feels like a cold bullet. Then the rainfall turns into such heavy showers that we can not even look up and see the falls because it leaves you blind sighted. The magnanimous white thick wall of water accompanied by the thunderous sound of falls, makes you scared and at the same time leaves you in awe of God's Creation.
After the boat ride, which is like once in a life time sight, we go to the 'Caves'. It goes 17 floors below the actual ground level and to the bottom of the American falls. Here we suit up in a yellow raincoat, pull up our pants, wear cool waterproof sandals and march towards the unspeakable. When we reach the foot of the falls, the enormity of it leaves no words to explain. We end up at a point that's called 'Thunder Point'. If you can stand at this point for 5 minutes then you are a Gladiator in your own right. The water falls on your head and body as if it were wide spread lashes of chill, the sound is deafening and the fun of it is incomparable. There is a sign that says "No Smoking", I guess its a joke because not even a magician can light a spark of fire there.
At the end of this is the sight seeing part, where you can walk and look at the water falls from the top, it looks amazing. You can view the calm part of the lake, the rapids forming and finally the water taking a plunge from a huge height. The best part of the sight is the rainbows that keep forming, especially when it starts at your feet, makes a full circle and ends at your feet :) The whole experience is Mind Blowing and you can never forget it!! That was one helluva trip and I loved and enjoyed every single second of it.......

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